Penrose / Sesame Canyon Trails

The ridge west of Gold Camp road, just north of Cheyenne Canyon offers great views of Colorado Springs. Using a combination of trails you can hike across the whole ridge or hook up with adjoining trails for more options.

The southern trailhead is located on the Gold Camp Road about quarter of a mile after it turns into a dirt road. Park on the left side of the road. There is no official marking for the trail, just head uphill next to a rock wall. The trail quickly climbs up the ridge via some switchbacks. Once you get on top the trail becomes more level as it continues north.

There are number of overlooks to the east, feel free to exit the main trail and enjoy the views. Soon the path meets up with Cpt.Jack's Trail. This is a popular place for motorcycle riders so watch out for those. Eventually this trail turns west while you must continue north on to Sesame Canyon Trail. Since there is no marking of this intersection use these coordinates - N 38° 48.430, W104° 53.240. You will start descending into a heavily forested canyon. Some nice rock formations can be seen around. Right before the end you will pass a small waterfall called Esmos Falls. The end of the trail where it meets up with High Dr is again unmarked.

Distance: 1.2 one way from Penrose Trailhead to the Sesame Canyon Trail. 1 mile one way for Sesame Canyon Trail.

Difficulty Rating:

Directions: Gold Camp Rd trailhead can be reached by taking either 21st or 26th street off US-24.



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