Heizer Trail

Heizer trail is an old but not very well known trail. It climbs relentlessly from the town of Cascade up to the Cascade Mountain.

After passing the trailhead sign start your ascent through first series of wide switchbacks. As you gain elevation views of the westbound US-24 and North Pole amusement park open up below. The trail continues climbing until you reach a rocky overlook point.

Enjoy the views of Pikes Peak Highway from above. Continue another half-a-mile until you reach the top of Cascade Mountain. Make sure you leave the trail to climb up the huge boulders for exceptional views of Pikes Peak. The trail goes on descending gently until you reach the sign pointing to trail #703. Official trail ends here but you can follow pink/orange ribbons on trees and steeply descend down until you reach trail #703 "French Creek" which connects to Barr Trail and other trails in area. This is watershed area with Manitou Reservoir nearby so please stay on trail.

Distance: 6 miles round trip.

Difficulty Rating:

Directions: Take US-24 west past Manitou Springs to Cascade. Turn left at the light following directions to Pikes Peak Highway but right after crossing the highway turn left again on Emporia Ave. Turn left again on Park St and then to Amenome Hill Rd. You can park by the "Snow Plow Turn Around" sign on the left. From there walk up to the trailhead up the hill.



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