Gold Camp Road

Gold Camp Road follows the former railroad from Colorado Springs to Cripple Creek called the "Short Line". In the 1920s the railroad has been converted to a car toll road, eventually becoming a free public road. In 1988 tunnel #3 collapsed and was never repaired. Because of this, the road is now closed to vehicular traffic and is popular with bikers and hikers.

Start at the large parking lot where Gold Camp Road meets High Drive and Cheyenne Canyon Roadd. At first the road makes a long U-turn gaining elevation. As you cross the creek you will pass the popular Seven Bridges Trail. At the end of this long switchback you will reach the collapsed tunnel. A detour has been built to bypass over it. On the other side of the tunnel you will be standing right over the Silver Cascade Falls running down the large granite wall.

The trail continues to climb at a steady pace as you go south. After about 4.8 miles you will reach tunnel #4, shortly followed by tunnel #5. The trail loops under St.Peters dome and opens up to some great views of the city. Eventually you will reach Old Stage Road which is open to vehicular traffic and continues on to Cripple Creek. You can turn around here and enjoy the sweet ride downhill all the way to the trailhead.

Distance: 8.6 miles one way.

Difficulty Rating:

Difficulty: Medium. The trail continuously climbs from the Cheyenne canyon but being a former railroad bed the grade is mild and steady.

Directions: Coming south on I-25 take exit 140 and get on Cheyenne Blvd via S Tejon St. Drive all the way through the Cheyenne Canyon. Drive past Helen Hunt falls until you reach parking lot at intersection with Gold Camp Road.



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