Catamount Trail

Catamount Trail is a moderate trail that climbs from the town of Green Mountain Falls up to the South Catamount Reservoir.

Trailhead is located by the Catamount Falls at the west end of town. You can take either the steep Hondo or Belvidere Avenue to access the trailhead. Once you enter the forest the trails climbs up relentlessly through number of switchbacks. There are two overlooks on the way, just few hundred feet off the main trail offering nice view of the valley bellow.

Once you reach the top of switchbacks you will enter a nice grassy area called Garden of Eden. The trails then continues along the creek, climbing gently. It curves to the south until you reach access road that branches off the Pikes Peak toll road. Follow the dirt road to the South Catamount Reservoir dam. You can enjoy great northern views of Pikes Peak or explore other trails in the North Slope Recreation Area.

Distance: Total round trip distance from Green Mountain Falls downtown to the Reservoir is 6 miles. Round trip from trailhead to the reservoir is 4.4 miles

Difficulty Rating:

Directions: Exit US-24 for town of Green Mountain Falls. Best place to park is on Lake St in front of the gazebo lake. You cannot park at the end of either one of the access streets, you have to hike Hondo or Belvidere Ave on foot.



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